Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council
Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council

Watershed Source Documents

  • Applegate Adaptive Mngmnt Area Guide_1998
  • Applegate_Fire_Plan_2002_AP
  • Applegate Watershed Assessment_1994_APWC
  • Applegate River Systems Analysis_1999_APWC
  • Fish_Passage_Assessment_1999_APWC
  • Middle Applegate WA_204-278, 2007_APWC
  • WQIP_2003_APWC
  • OWEB 98-275_Applegate WQual_2002_APWC
  • Middle_Fork_AR_WA_1998_APWC
  • Middle Applegate WA_204-278, 2007_APWC
  • Little Applegate River WA_2001_APWC
  • SlateCWA_APWC_2002
  • Salmon-Safe Applegate Study June 2007_FINAL_APWC
  • Applegate_Stream Habitat & WaterQual_2004_99-485_APWC
  • Applegate_Lamprey Report_2003_APWC
  • Williams_Creek_Watershed_Assessment_May_2000_WCWC
  • Watershed Health Factors Assessment_2006_ RBCC
  • SW OREGON_Restoration Value_2012_WWRI
  • Applegate_EcolMgmntModel_2004_BLM
  • Applegate Water quality restoration plan_2005_USFS, BLM
  • Murphy Cr_WA_2000_BLM
  • Cheney & SlateWA_1996_BLM
  • Applegate Lake Sedimentation Analysis_1998_USCOE
  • 2011-2012 Vol Water Qual Data Rpt_DEQ
  • Applegate_TMDL_2003_DEQ
  • Applegate_WQMP_2003_ODEQ
  • Coho Recovery Plan_Applegate_2012_NMFS, SONCC_Chapter_31_Middle_Rogue_Ap


Watershed Action Plans

  • (Thompson Creek) TCAP Report Final Doc.Oct.26 2009_APWC
  • 2013 APWC Strategic Plan_editing
  • CS-Work Plan_2011-20xx_APWC


Fish Passage Documents/Reports

  • 2004_CA Stream Habitat Restoration_VolumeII_combined_XII-passage
  • RBFAT Strategic Plan FP_2000
  • UBFAT_Basin_Plan_2003
  • RBP_Barrier_TA215 2-34-11632_FinalReport_2016
  • smalldamremovalguide_OWEB 2008






Lecture Series

Summer Film, Weds. August 8, 2018.  Rescheduled to Sept. 11. Before the Flood


General Board Mtg: 

4th Thursday of each month, 6:30-8:30p

Applegate Library, North Applegate Road

contact Janelle Dunlevy for more information 

Link to Agenda

(No Nov./Dec. General Board Meetings)


Aquatic & Riparian Committee Mtgs:

2nd Wednesday of each month, 3-5p

Ruch Library

contact Janelle Dunlevy for more information


Outreach & Educaiton Committee Mtg:

On hold until further notice.



Volunteer Opportunities:

We will have volunteer planting and workshops coming this fall & late winter.  Please check back for more information.


Get Social.

Connect with us on Facebook to learn about upcoming projects and volunteer opportunities.

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