Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council
Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council

Watershed Source Documents

  • Applegate Adaptive Mngmnt Area Guide_1998
  • Applegate_Fire_Plan_2002_AP
  • Applegate Watershed Assessment_1994_APWC
  • Applegate River Systems Analysis_1999_APWC
  • Fish_Passage_Assessment_1999_APWC
  • Middle Applegate WA_204-278, 2007_APWC
  • WQIP_2003_APWC
  • OWEB 98-275_Applegate WQual_2002_APWC
  • Middle_Fork_AR_WA_1998_APWC
  • Middle Applegate WA_204-278, 2007_APWC
  • Little Applegate River WA_2001_APWC
  • SlateCWA_APWC_2002
  • Salmon-Safe Applegate Study June 2007_FINAL_APWC
  • Applegate_Stream Habitat & WaterQual_2004_99-485_APWC
  • Applegate_Lamprey Report_2003_APWC
  • Williams_Creek_Watershed_Assessment_May_2000_WCWC
  • Watershed Health Factors Assessment_2006_ RBCC
  • SW OREGON_Restoration Value_2012_WWRI
  • Applegate_EcolMgmntModel_2004_BLM
  • Applegate Water quality restoration plan_2005_USFS, BLM
  • Murphy Cr_WA_2000_BLM
  • Cheney & SlateWA_1996_BLM
  • Applegate Lake Sedimentation Analysis_1998_USCOE
  • 2011-2012 Vol Water Qual Data Rpt_DEQ
  • Applegate_TMDL_2003_DEQ
  • Applegate_WQMP_2003_ODEQ
  • Coho Recovery Plan_Applegate_2012_NMFS, SONCC_Chapter_31_Middle_Rogue_Ap


Watershed Action Plans

  • (Thompson Creek) TCAP Report Final Doc.Oct.26 2009_APWC
  • 2013 APWC Strategic Plan_editing
  • CS-Work Plan_2011-20xx_APWC


Fish Passage Documents/Reports

  • 2004_CA Stream Habitat Restoration_VolumeII_combined_XII-passage
  • RBFAT Strategic Plan FP_2000
  • UBFAT_Basin_Plan_2003
  • RBP_Barrier_TA215 2-34-11632_FinalReport_2016
  • smalldamremovalguide_OWEB 2008







Lecture Series

We want your ideas!  What would you like to see?


General Board Mtg: 

Meeting will be held via Zoom until further notice.  Please contact Janelle Dunlevy if you would like to participate.

4th Thursday of each month, 6:30-8:30p

Zoom Virtual Mtg 

contact Janelle Dunlevy  

(No Nov./Dec. General Board Meetings)


Aquatic & Riparian Committee Mtgs:

Please check before attending April Mtg, we may Cancel or hold this meeting as a web-conference.

2nd Wednesday of each month, 3-5p

Ruch Library or APWC Office, contact Janelle Dunlevy for more information


Outreach & Educaiton Committee Mtg:

On hold until further notice.


The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to work collaboratively to improve the well-being of the Applegate watershed from ridge top to ridge top. Have you ever thought about how much your skills and time could contribute to your community just by volunteering? Become a member.

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