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Prescribed Burning Program

How to Get Involved

We as a community need to be involved in bringing prescribed fire back into our landscape, as a vital tool for the safety of our homes and the health of our forests.


There are many ways you can help!


-You could be a landowner interested in using controlled burning as a fuel reduction and forest restoration tool on your property


-You could volunteer to help others in the community implement controlled burning on their property, learning valuable skills to use on your own, or to develop as a career


-You could attend informational meetings to gain a better understanding of controlled fire and its importance as a tool for restoring and protecting our community


If you want to get involved in any way contact:


Please include a description of your interest so we can tailor our correspondance to your request.


If you are interested in the use of prescribed fire as a management tool on your property, please fill out our digital form and send it our way!

Prescribed Burning Information Form
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Below are a number of links to articles, videos, and other interesting information to help you increase your understanding and knowledge of controlled burning...Enjoy!

2018 TREX Prescribed Burn, photo by J. Bailey

Prescribed Burning for a Safer Community

by Aaron Krikava


Wildfire, and how to protect ourselves from its destructive effects, is one of the hottest topics in our communities right now.  The intense fires and resulting smoke we’ve all witnessed over the last few years are problems that need to be addressed with meaningful solutions.  It may seem counterintuitive but one of the most important ways to mitigate the impact of wildfire in our communities is the use of more fire, specifically controlled or prescribed burning on both private and public lands.  The Applegate Partnership is working to put this vital tool back in our toolbox. 


Controlled burning is the careful application of fire to the landscape during ideal environmental conditions of temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, and fuel moisture, in order to safely consume the fine fuels (less than 3” diameter) that primarily carry wildfire.  This use of fire goes far back into human history and continues today with modern fire management practices.  It was a primary tool used by native cultures for thousands of years to reduce fuel loads, improve forage for game animals and provided for many other ecological benefits.  Currently, wildland firefighters rely heavily on controlled burning in the form of “backfiring” operations to remove unburned fuel between control lines and the advancing flame front.  In this way it is often fire, not water, which stops the spread of a wildfire.  Federal agencies also use prescribed burning on public lands as the preferred tool to maintain safe fuel levels after mechanical fuel reduction has been performed.


The importance of increased prescribed burning to manage wildfire risk has been recognized in planning documents at the federal, regional, and local levels.  Unfortunately, the use of controlled burning on private lands in the western United States has been relatively limited due to the complexity of planning, permitting, and liability concerns.  At the Applegate Partnership we’re working to overcome those hurtles, and get useful fire back on the ground.  


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Article: Prescribed Burning for a Safer Community
5/1/19 Article on prescribed fire and its uses by Aaron Krikava
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Informational Videos on Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Burn Associations

Using Wildfire as Controlled Burning

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