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Fish Passage Restoration in the Applegate Watershed - 2018

Forest Creek Dam Fish Passage Project - A portion of the dam still exists on the right side of the photo, Photo by APWC 1/20/19

On Sept. 18, 2017 the Forest Creek Dam created passage and stranding issues for local aquatic species.  In the summer of 2018 the APWC worked with Tom Maddox, 4M Timber/Local contractor/landowner/business owner, to complete a bypass channel around the dam.  The project was designed by Cascade Stream Solutions to benefit the landowner, who was experiencing streambank erosion below the dam, and passage for aquatic species, including steelhead and Coho Salmon.  These two photos were taken in the same location looking upstream.  The stream channel was shifted to the west allowing us to partially remove the dam, enhance the stream channel and stabilize the streambank for the landowner.

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